Gateway to the West

It was a long drive, but we've arrived in Saint Louis. The kids did great and the traffic wasn't too bad yet, which makes me happy. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? I noticed a few of the traffic signs in Illinois stated "Eclipse Aug 21. Expect possible delays through Aug 22."

We'll be hanging around the city for the morning and early afternoon before heading south to our temporary home for the next few days. Right now the forecast is predicting a chance of a
thunderstorm on Monday...I sure hope that forecast doesn't hold up! It's still a few days out, so we'll see what happens.

On a side note, the Drury Plaza Hotel at the Arch is fantastic. I can't recommend it enough. The patio outside the pool is outstanding, offering a great view of the Old Courthouse and the Arch. They offer free drinks and some food (hot dogs, chili, nachos, mini tacos, salad) from 5:30-7PM, so we didn't have to spend a dime on dinner for the night. Lunch consisted of Five Guys Burgers and Fries, which is always a treat. Tomorrow I want to find a local joint or two for lunch and/or dinner. We always try to eat at local places when we travel. You can eat at chain restaurants any time. Five Guys is a chain, I know, but we just wanted to stop somewhere quick, eat something of quality and keep on driving. Time to crash for the evening.


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