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New short story available--for free!

Last night I made available my short story The Clouds Above the Wing  on Smashwords.  You can head on over to the site by clicking on the book title or the cover to the right and download your copy for free!  As an added bonus, I've included the first two chapters of Threshold  at the end of the story.  The nice thing about Smashwords is that they offer many formats for you to download the story.  I think they support just about every type of e-reader/e-reader software out there, so you should have no problems being able to get it to work on your device! The Clouds Above the Wing  is a real short story--under 3,000 words and a quick read.  I wrote it back in 2007 while thinking about the previous year's duck hunting adventures.  As you can guess, this story is about duck hunting, but I focused more on trying to pull the reader into the experience.  A few times every year I try to convince my wife that she should come out duck hunting with me sometime (always unsuccessfully) a