I have been playing guitar since I was a freshman in high school. Over the years, I've had the privilege to play in quite a few different bands. This page is dedicated to my musical endeavors and allows you to access all of my ventures in one area. I've recorded multiple albums with different bands, including: Sullen Skies, Pseudocell and Hollow Frequency.

Doors of the Moon

This is my solo recording project that consists of a lot of acoustic/atmospheric style songs. A departure from my heavier stuff in Pseudocell and the experimental stuff from Hollow Frequency. Doors of the Moon tends to be simpler and easier to digest. I experiment with some alternate tunings along with some other instruments. I describe this as my 'chill' project.

Hollow Frequency

This is my solo recording project. I write and record all the songs in my basement. On some songs I have some guest vocalists.


Back in the day I used to play in a metal/hard rock band called Pseudocell. We recorded 3 albums and played all over the UP and Northern Wisconsin. I had a blast playing with 3 of my best friends and if we all lived near each other, I'm sure we'd still be playing. Life happens though and all good things come to an end, at least temporarily. Careers pulled us apart geographically back in 2010. I'm still hopeful with all of the technology advances since then we can record some music together remotely.


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