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I've decided that it would be a good idea to have a page on the Internet named after here we are!  I will be posting all my news about my writing projects here as well as whatever else I happen to be thinking about at the time.  So I guess while we wait for some more interesting posts to come along, I might as well fill you in about myself a little. I'm an indie author, though this isn't my day job.  I actually have a very good day job right now in the I.T. field.  I  love to write stories in my spare time, mostly in the fantasy and sci-fi genres.  If you're wondering why I write mostly in those genres, the best answer I can give is because that's what interests me and that's what really gets me pumped up.  Most of the books I read tend to be in those genres, though I occasionally read other things.  I have a finished book that is available for purchase in both dead tree and ebook form.  I'll warn you that I wrote it specifically for my dad for Ch