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New short story available--for free!

Last night I made available my short story The Clouds Above the Wing  on Smashwords.  You can head on over to the site by clicking on the book title or the cover to the right and download your copy for free!  As an added bonus, I've included the first two chapters of Threshold  at the end of the story.  The nice thing about Smashwords is that they offer many formats for you to download the story.  I think they support just about every type of e-reader/e-reader software out there, so you should have no problems being able to get it to work on your device! The Clouds Above the Wing  is a real short story--under 3,000 words and a quick read.  I wrote it back in 2007 while thinking about the previous year's duck hunting adventures.  As you can guess, this story is about duck hunting, but I focused more on trying to pull the reader into the experience.  A few times every year I try to convince my wife that she should come out duck hunting with me sometime (always unsuccessfully) a

Book Cover

I think I finally finished the cover for my upcoming book The Fables of Lanternum: Threshold.   It may change a little between now and the time the book releases (not quite sure on the date yet) but this is mostly what it's going to look like.  My dad painted the picture and I added the text and other goodies after the fact.  I'm good at using computer programs, just not so good at drawing; glad my dad was willing to help me out! My hope is to have the book finished and on  Amazon and Barnes and Noble sometime in October.  Every month it seems like I think the book will come out the following month and it hasn't happened so far.  Deadlines aren't much fun anyways Until next time, -D

Advance Readers

Well, the latest draft of my Fables of Lanternum  story is finished (I've been referring to it as Lampwick the Great ) and copies have been distributed to my advance readers for them to scour and give me feedback.  If everything comes back okay, I'm hoping to have the story available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords in e-form by the end of the month, with a traditional book being ready to be printed by the end of September/early October.   My dad finished the cover and I'm pretty happy with the finished result.  I'm still trying to figure out a title for the book.  So far I'm leaning towards The Fables of Lanternum: Threshold  .  It seems kind of appropriate given the events that are happening in the book.  We'll see though! In other writing news, I've finished the first two chapters of a new book entitled Among the Shoulders of the World , a tale of magic, civilizations making their homes on the backs and shoulders of enormous giants, sky ships

Summer is here

Wow, I'm pretty bad at keeping my blog up to date.  I don't think many people are keeping tabs on it though, so I probably have some wiggle room. Summer has finally arrived here in the U.P. and the weather has been pretty nice for the last few weeks with a few exceptions sprinkled in here and there.  I find that it's a lot harder to make time to sit down and work on stories every night with the weather being so nice.  In the winter it was no problem at all to come home from work and then spend 3 or 4 hours writing.  It became clear right away that I couldn't keep up with that routine once the sun started staying above the trees past 6 PM,  so I've made a more modest goal for myself.  One hour a night dedicated to writing.  Some days/nights I end up working for much longer than that.  Sometimes I get half of it or none of it at all.  I find that if I can sequester myself away from the rest of my family and put on some headphones and disappear into music, I get a lo

Progress Report

I have a few different irons in the proverbial fire as we speak.  I'm quite happy to report that one of those irons is getting very hot and almost ready to come out and be shaped into the finished product. The Fables of Lanternum I: Lampwick the Great  is almost finished and ready for editing and revisions.  At this moment I'm going to put out a tentative release date of June 4, 2011 for the ebook and a week or two later for the paperback. Lampwick  is a YA Fantasy novel following the life of a servant boy named Lampwick.  His life takes an interesting turn when the village he lives in is ravaged by mysterious attackers, making him the sole survivor.  He is taken in by a group of cats and brought to their home city, Nipton.  As a fragile peace treaty between dogs and cats slowly begins to unwind behind the scenes, Lampwick finds himself traveling to places he had only dreamed of (and some that he didn't) and meeting unlikely friends in his quest to find out who he reall


I've decided that it would be a good idea to have a page on the Internet named after here we are!  I will be posting all my news about my writing projects here as well as whatever else I happen to be thinking about at the time.  So I guess while we wait for some more interesting posts to come along, I might as well fill you in about myself a little. I'm an indie author, though this isn't my day job.  I actually have a very good day job right now in the I.T. field.  I  love to write stories in my spare time, mostly in the fantasy and sci-fi genres.  If you're wondering why I write mostly in those genres, the best answer I can give is because that's what interests me and that's what really gets me pumped up.  Most of the books I read tend to be in those genres, though I occasionally read other things.  I have a finished book that is available for purchase in both dead tree and ebook form.  I'll warn you that I wrote it specifically for my dad for Ch