Books by Derrek White

Dulcima (2014)

Genre: Science Fiction/Space Opera

2234. Humanity has spread throughout the stars. The sprawling Galactic Webwork of Federated Planets (the Federation) and the four corporate entities constantly posture and flex their muscles since the resolution of the Corporate Wars. Between the feet of these dancing titans, humanity thrives.

When Captain Seven encounters a derelict vessel floating in a deserted sector of space, he readies his crew for a routine boarding mission to collect scrap. After sending three of his crew aboard, they discover the ship is fully operational and without warning, quickly jumps away. With only a partial navigation string to work with, Captain Seven and his remaining crew begin their pursuit of the Dulcima, a ship piloted by a skilled captain, manned by a crew of refugees and trying desperately to reach their own safe haven.

However, others are also looking for the Dulcima. The mega corporation Hamari has issued a bounty for the ship, prompting pursuit by bounty hunters from around the galaxy. They also deployed a man of their own—the legendary bounty hunter Simon Holt.

Who will win the race? What secrets is the Dulcima harboring? The fates of many hang in the balance.

A Reflection of Strange October (2011)

Genre: Fantasy/Adventure

Robert Black loves to spend his autumn weekends hunting waterfowl. One fateful hunting trip, while searching for a duck, he climbs over a fence and finds himself in a world very different--yet strangely similar--to his own. 

Along with his son’s retriever, Andromeda, he must traverse the antonymous world known as True Earth in order to find a way back home. Aided by a number of unlikely individuals and creatures on their journey, they must find the one man who can return Robert and Andromeda to Earth. 

Once they find him, there is only one question: Will he allow them to go home?


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