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Progress Report

I have a few different irons in the proverbial fire as we speak.  I'm quite happy to report that one of those irons is getting very hot and almost ready to come out and be shaped into the finished product. The Fables of Lanternum I: Lampwick the Great  is almost finished and ready for editing and revisions.  At this moment I'm going to put out a tentative release date of June 4, 2011 for the ebook and a week or two later for the paperback. Lampwick  is a YA Fantasy novel following the life of a servant boy named Lampwick.  His life takes an interesting turn when the village he lives in is ravaged by mysterious attackers, making him the sole survivor.  He is taken in by a group of cats and brought to their home city, Nipton.  As a fragile peace treaty between dogs and cats slowly begins to unwind behind the scenes, Lampwick finds himself traveling to places he had only dreamed of (and some that he didn't) and meeting unlikely friends in his quest to find out who he reall