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NaNoWriMo 2013

I didn't know if I was gonna be able to manage it this year, but I did it. I completed Nanowrimo for the second straight year. Last year it took until the last day to get the job done, but this year I won with two days to spare. Going into Nanwrimo, I thought I knew what story I was going to work on for the entire year, until the week before November. Then I decided that the story I thought I'd work on just wouldn't work and switched gears to a space opera I had written quite a few notes for over the past two years. So with a week before crunch time, I scrambled to gather up all my notes and create a skeleton outline. My month of November was full of events, including the end of duck season, a wedding and some other social events. I knew there would be days where I wouldn't write anything, so I had to take advantage of every opportunity. Luckily, the story came to me very easily and my fingers scorched the keyboard every time I sat down. Some nights I wrote 4500 w