I've decided that it would be a good idea to have a page on the Internet named after me...so here we are!  I will be posting all my news about my writing projects here as well as whatever else I happen to be thinking about at the time.  So I guess while we wait for some more interesting posts to come along, I might as well fill you in about myself a little.

I'm an indie author, though this isn't my day job.  I actually have a very good day job right now in the I.T. field.  I  love to write stories in my spare time, mostly in the fantasy and sci-fi genres.  If you're wondering why I write mostly in those genres, the best answer I can give is because that's what interests me and that's what really gets me pumped up.  Most of the books I read tend to be in those genres, though I occasionally read other things.  I have a finished book that is available for purchase in both dead tree and ebook form.  I'll warn you that I wrote it specifically for my dad for Christmas and only made it available for purchase after a lot of people expressed interest in owning a copy.  He loved it and that made me very happy.

I'm currently working on a few different stories at once.  The closest one to being finished is the first book in a fantasy series that I'm entitling The Fables of Lanternum.  You can see the official site by clicking here. I also have a sci-fi/fantasy/space opera series in the works tentatively entitled The Materia Cycle.  Writing hasn't begun for that one, but I have a pile of notes and outlines for it.  I'm also working on two short stories/novellas that will be released on their own sometime this spring.  Looking further down the road I plan to release a collection of short stories that all tie together called The Terminus Chronicles.

Aside from writing I have a lot of different interests and hobbies. I enjoy writing, performing and recording music.  I like a wide range of music, but the bulk of my interests lies in progressive metal and rock.  I'm a decent guitar player and can also play bass and a little piano.  I played in the hard rock/metal band Pseudocell for 3 years until Will and Mark had to move away. Now we're on 'hiatus'. You can check out our music and even download all of our works for free. I have a solo project that I haven't touched in awhile called Hollow Frequency. The music is best described as experimental, mixing lots of different things together from folk to metal to the spoken word. I plan on giving the songs/albums away as I finish them.  I pretty much recorded an entire album by myself but haven't released it.  With some improvements to some of the songs maybe I'll put it up for a free download some day.  My singing voice isn't all that great but on a few songs Mark Vassallo (singer from Pseudocell) loaned me his golden pipes.  I have to finish mixing and mastering an acoustic song him and I recorded last spring entitled "Robyn" and then it will be released and I think a lot of you will enjoy it.

I've been an avid outdoorsman for most of my life and enjoy hunting and fishing.  If I had to list out in order my favorites, it would look like this:

  1. Waterfowl hunting
  2. Ice fishing
  3. Grouse hunting
  4. Non-ice fishing
  5. Camping
I also enjoy a number of different sports, including: football, racquetball, ultimate-frisbee and disc golf. I love anything to do with technology and computers.  During the winter months I play a lot of video games, but not so much during any other time of the year.  I really enjoy amateur astronomy and own a Konus 4.5" reflector telescope.  My backyard faces south, which means I really have some great views of a number of different celestial objects throughout the year.  If you're at my house and it's a clear night, you can almost bet I will be breaking out the telescope and showing you whatever is up there.  I think the night sky is something that touches everyone in some way or another.  I enjoy reading and have recently bought a Kindle...and I love it!  I actually like reading on it better than a regular book *gasp*.  

I like to travel around when I get the chance.  Road trips are a lot of fun in my opinion.  I've been to quite a few states in the U.S., but I have a lot more to go before I see them all.  I've been to Italy before (last year) and I had a lot of fun.  It was neat to see how another culture lives and to experience all of the history that Italy has to offer. As for my next foreign destination?  I would love to go to the U.K.

I've been married for 5 years to a wonderful woman.  We have two awesome daughters who have their daddy wrapped around their pinkies.  It's a good thing mom is harder to manipulate!  We also have a chocolate lab named Luna and a cat named Mr. Tumnus (who thinks his life sucks because he was the first extension of our family and now two more humans and a dog have come along in that time, which means less attention for him).   

Are you bored yet??  I think that's enough for now.  Stay tuned for more posts.



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