Eclipse Eve

We didn't do a ton today. We shopped a little, drove around the town, ate some Japanese food at a local place and now I'm getting ready to watch the next episode of Game of Thrones. So glad the hotel room has HBO! We scored a puddle jumper suit for Fiona from the local Goodwill (brand spanking new, no less!) and she was loving it in the pool.

The forecast isn't looking real promising. Most of Missouri will be under cloud cover. We may be making a hasty retreat from our current position in the wee morning hours in hopes of finding a less cloudy locale. I've been looking up weather forecasts of many towns around us. Most are the same. I think we'd have to drive a long ways to get a better forecast at this point and I don't know that I want to brave the hordes of traffic for another dice roll. Our hotel and this town aren't very busy tonight--something I didn't expect. Perhaps others had checked the forecast and already made other plans? Or maybe not many people were planning to come here to see it. I don't know. I just hope the clouds are parted enough to see the spectacle tomorrow. That's all any of us want. Hopefully my next post will be a jubilant one. Stay tuned. 


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