After some excellent feedback from my beta readers, I have completed the final revision of Dulcima. It was a great feeling to put the finishing touches on the story itself. This week I will be working on finishing up the cover design and the appendixes and extra stuff at the end of the book. Then, with any luck, I will be releasing it on Amazon this weekend. To say I'm excited and a bit relieved would be an understatement. I've poured a lot of hard work into this story since I began writing it in November and I feel pretty proud of what I was able to accomplish. My beta readers seemed to enjoy the story and I hope many others will as well.

What's next? Book two, of course. I had originally planned to finish up a few other works that I've started, but I find that my mind wants to stay in the Webwork Universe. After spending the last 8 months so entangled with the crews of the Sevensea, Dulcima and Red Athena, it's hard to want to shelf those experiences for a while. I've already begun the notes for book two and it's going to pick up right where book one left off. Where is that, you ask? You'll have to read Dulcima once it hits the shelves and find out for yourself ;-).



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